What We Do
02907 HEZ
Rhode to Equity

Rhode to

Aiming to reduce asthma-related emergency room visits in the West End community.

Rhode to Equity’s

We are aiming to reduce the number of asthma related pediatric and adult Emergency Department (ED) visits and inpatient hospitalizations attributable to community and environmental based triggers among 02907 residents by 50% over the next 3 years.

Who is the
Initiative For?

The initiative works to support 02907 residents with asthma who receive healthcare services at Providence Community Health Centers and the St. Joseph Health Center.

What We Do

The 02907 Health Equity Zone Rhode to Equity initiative aims to strengthen the community-clinical partnership to decrease asthma related Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations in the 02907 HEZ by at least 50%. R2E partners work together to help strengthen clinical outcomes and address environmental and systemic related issues that lead to elevated and inequitable levels of asthma among 02907 residents.

Rhode to Equity partners with local accountable entities, primary care clinics, housing, community & environmental organizations to advance multiple activities at the clinical, social community, and systems level.

Current initiatives include deploying Community Health Advocates (CHA) to do home visiting to identify asthma triggers and to provide asthma education, working with Brown University and the American Lung Association to monitor air quality in the HEZ and to educate community members about the importance of clean air.

In addition, we’re developing and implementing a Healthy Housing program to help patients with poorly controlled asthma to make their homes trigger free, safer and more energy efficient

Our Partners

West Elmwood

Donations help West Elmwood continue improving lives in the West End community.