Homebuyer Education Classes

Our housing counselors provide a variety of services to new landlords and first-time homebuyers including One on One Counseling, Financial Capability, and Home Ownership Education Classes. Topics include affordability and budgeting, understanding credit, becoming a landlord, financing, the closing process, and post-purchase responsibilities.

$ 99.00 USD

Financial Empowerment Workshop

Our Financial Empowerment Workshops are for everyone, whether you are looking to learn more about homeownership, expand your knowledge on investing or need tips on how to start a budget. Through these free one-hour workshops participants gain knowledge on achieving financial goals, budgeting, banking, looking out for fraud and predatory lending, financial planning for the future and preparing for homeownership. We help individuals align their financial priorities and prepare for the future.

$ 0.00 USD

Landlord Workshop

This HUD-approved workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the business of managing a multi-family home. As a landlord you’re running a business. Learn what it takes to be successful and have good rapport with your tenants. Understand Rhode Island landlord/tenant law and your responsibilities as a landlord from applications, lease agreements, lead disclosures, and more.

$ 79.00 USD

Match Savings Incentive Program

The Match Savings Incentive Program is designed to assist individuals with low to moderate income on the path toward asset ownership through a matched saving and financial education.

$ 0.00 USD

Support WENHOC

A $99 donation to West Elmwood Neigborworks Homeownership Center sponsors a homebuyer education class.