What We Do
02907 HEZ

WE are fighting for
a healthier community

We create and invest in equitable and innovative solutions to help families in the 02907 thrive.

what drives us

02907 Health Equity
Zone’s Mission

We are a mobilized community creating vibrant and resilient neighborhoods where families have the opportunities and resources needed to live healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling lives.

What is the
Health Equity Zone?

The Health Equity Zone (HEZ) is an innovative, place-based approach that brings people together to build healthy, resilient communities across Rhode Island.

Established by the Rhode Island Department of Health in 2015, WEHDC is the backbone agency. We are a collaboration of residents, community organizations and health professionals who come together to address root causes of causes of health disparities by creating projects, places, and programming where residents can live, learn, work, and play.

Why 02907?

In 2020, the 02907 conducted a
comprehensive community needs

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02907 HEZ Values

We strive to empower the community by providing access to equitable and healthy resources.

We believe everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be healthier. We are committed to removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness, and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education, stable housing, safe environments, and healthcare.
We are antiracist and work to become actively conscious about race and racism, and take actions to end racial inequities in our lives and the community.
Whole Family
We understand that the well-being of parents and their children are closely related. We work to simultaneously address the needs of parents and their children to improve outcomes for the whole family.
We value and strive to learn about diverse perspectives and cultures, knowing that we cannot fully understand people’s unique experiences.
Community Leadership
We engage and support community leadership to make durable, lasting, and positive change.
We seek to create synergy and alignment among and between community members and partner organizations to leverage resources and maximize impact.
We seek to achieve consensus in decision-making to ensure all perspectives are heard and considered.

hez initiatives

Making a Real Impact

Learn more about the initiatives we’ve launched to help
families in the 02907 thrive.

Rhode to Equity

The 02907 Health Equity Zone (HEZ) Rhode to Equity initiative aims to strengthen the community-clinical partnership to decrease asthma related Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations in the 02907 HEZ by at least 50%.
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Covid-19 Response

The 02907 Health Equity Zone program has worked to provide Covid-19 support to the West End community.
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Need PPE?

Request personal protective equipment,
like masks, to help avoid Covid-19.

Our Community Action
Team Partners

West Elmwood

Donations help West Elmwood continue improving lives in the West End community.