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Dunamis Synergy

WE are educating this generation—and the next

Dunamis Synergy helps parents pursue degrees and careers while preparing their children for successful futures.

what drives us

Dunamis Synergy’s

Our vision is to establish a learning community where parents and their children strive together to achieve their educational aspirations, reach positive economic outcomes, and establish a legacy of prosperity that passes from one generation to the next.

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Support Services

Family Coaching

Dunamis Synergy Family Coaches provide high-quality academic planning, navigation, and counseling tied to career pathways. All participants meet regularly with their Family Coach to monitor progress toward their educational goals, support financial aid/FAFSA application, assist with navigating the education system, and make referrals to existing support services on campus and in the community.

Parent Leadership

Comprised of young and expecting parents from partnering post-secondary institutions, the Parent Leadership Team (PLT) provides strategic guidance to the Dunamis Leadership team and partners. The PLT plays a significant role in the initiative by assisting with designing activities to increase social capital and helping to guide the industry to ensure it meets the needs of student parents and their families.

Synergy Day

Quarterly, Dunamis puts together different events for the families in our program to come together to learn, bond, and have fun!

Resource Center

The Dunamis Synergy Resource Center provides commonly needed parenting supplies that are required to keep new families healthy and safe. Examples of items include baby supplies, hygiene products, portable cribs, toys, clothing, etc.

Parent Leadership Academy

The Parent Leadership Academy is a 10-week college-accredited course taught in partnership with College Unbound. Through this course, parents learn about policy, advocacy, conflict resolution, and other leadership skills required to become effective change agents for themselves, their families, and their communities!

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View the summary of our July 2022 event “Creating Collective Responsibility for Parents’ Post-Secondary Success.

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Parent Leadership Team
Active families participating
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Community forums held
with elected officials
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“Dunamis’ training has empowered me to be a great advocate for myself and my son.”

– asiata teah, former dunamis participant
current dunamis parent leadership specialist

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