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WE believe in the future of West End

There is over 50 years of experience behind the work we do at West Elmwood.

what drives us

WEHDC’s Mission

Our mission is to bring opportunities to build a healthy, sustainable West End neighborhood by investing in and embracing resident empowerment to support the enhancement of economic mobility and equity for our community.

Our vision for
2023 and beyond

As we enter the 2023 calendar year, we are excited to amplify our strategic goals for the West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation. These targeted areas of organizational emphasis are focused on empowering families and developing local community assets.

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50+ Years

A history of service

West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation was founded in the 1970s by a group of residents committed to improving housing conditions and creating home ownership opportunities in Providence’s West End. Using federal funds, this hard-working group built several new homes for first-time homeowners. After a sabbatical, the group reorganized in 1986, and has been moving forward as WEHDC ever since.

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our community

The West End

Bounded by Westminster Street to the north, Elmwood Avenue to the east, Route 10 and the railroad to the west, and Huntington Avenue to the south, the West End is a community of families and young adults. 35% of residents are between 0-19 years of age, 41% between 20 and 44 years, and over 70% below 45 years. (US Census 2010)

The neighborhood has numerous assets; chief among them is its cultural diversity. In 2010, nearly 40% of West End residents were born outside of the United States, compared to 30% citywide, 13% statewide, and 13% nationwide. Two-thirds of the residents speak a language other than English at home. (US Census 2010)

What we’ve done so far

Real people, real impact

As a recognized Community Housing Development Organization, West Elmwood is proud to say that our board and staff is a reflection of the community we serve.

Our Team

What we’ve done so far

2023 Impact

Families and individuals assisted with affordable housing and counseling
Invested in the community
Jobs created/maintained

Our Community Partners

West Elmwood

Donations help West Elmwood continue improving lives in the West End community.