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02907 HEZ
2020 HEZ Assessment

HEZ Assessment

From January to June 2020,
the 02907 conducted a comprehensive community
needs assessment. This process included:

A secondary data review of 25 studies and previous assessments and a careful review of US Census Data.

Four virtual focus groups that collected information from a representative group of HEZ residents. Conversations were hosted with adults involved with WEHDC’s Sankofa initiative, the Refugee Dream Center, and Amos House, while Young Voices and WEHDC collaborated to conduct a focus group with youth and young parents.

Three interactive community SpeakOuts conducted in close partnership with the Genesis Center, Groundwork Rhode Island, HousingWorks RI, Johnson and Wales University, the Southside Community Land Trust, and Young Voices.

Two online surveys conducted in May during COVID-19 related social distancing that collected input from 102 HEZ residents and 40 young parents involved with the Dunamis Synergy initiative at WEHDC, many of whom live in the HEZ.

Our 02907 HEZ findings

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