Who We Are

Dunamis Synergy is a 2 Generation initiative to support parents with young children acquire postsecondary credentials and career track employment while preparing their children for successful futures.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish a learning community where parents and their children strive together to achieve their educational aspirations, reach positive economic outcomes, and establish a legacy of prosperity that passes from one generation to the next.

Dunamis Synergy utilizes the Aspen Institute’s ASCEND Framework, which establishes a two-generation approach focusing on children and their parents together. The framework sets forth that postsecondary and early education, economic supports, social capital development, and health and well-being are the core elements required to create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity.

Dunamis Synergy provides the following support services

Our Family Coaches provide high quality academic planning, navigation, and counseling tied to career pathways. All participants meet regularly with their Family Coach to monitor progress towards their educational goals, provide financial aid/FASFA assistance, empower them to navigate education system, and make referrals to existing support services on campus.

To help manage the stress associated with parenting, family, school, and work, Family Coaches connect participants to services to address needs relating to behavioral health, nutrition, and family medical and dental care

Participants receive supports designed to help them to avoid unnecessary debt and build financial assets including, budgeting, financial literacy and counseling, public benefit access, matched savings accounts, and tax and legal assistance.

Family Coaches support students, many of whom are first time college goers, to network with one another, their academic peers, and with professionals in key growth sectors, helping participants build new relationships and a community that supports them as they work to achieve their goals.

Our quarterly “Synergy Days” are designed to organically cultivate a community of parenting students supporting one another.

Family Coaches connect participants to high quality childcare and early education services in the community, including: infant and child care, early intervention screening, facilitated access to preschool, Head Start, state funded Pre-K, assistance with school enrollment,

Dunamis participants have access to the following services:


Emergency Fund

Dunamis established an Emergency Fund for Dunamis participants who may be in danger of withdrawing from school due to unanticipated financial hardships or crisis situations.  We have limited funding available to assist students on a first-come consideration basis as funds are available.

If you think you may qualify, please submit the Emergency Fund application along with supporting documentation of your situation. These funds are available to help you stay in school!

Resource Center

The Resource Center provides commonly needed parenting supplies that are required to keep new families healthy and safe.  Examples of items include: baby supplies, hygiene products, portable cribs, toys, clothing, etc.

Financial Empowerment Courses

We offer financial capability classes to participants of several of our programs.  Topics we touch on are budgeting, credit repair, savings, banking.   Your Money, Your Goals is a set of financial empowerment materials that help people meet their financial goals by increasing their knowledge, skills, and resources.

Match Savings Incentive Program

The Matched Savings Incentive Program (MSIP) is designed to assist individuals with low to moderate income on the path toward asset ownership through a matched saving and financial education. Participants can save up to $1,000 for a match of 1:1 to go towards the asset goal of homeownership, business start-up or expansion, educational expenses or car purchase. Participants must maintain a monthly savings goal & complete our Financial Empowerment training.

Parent Bridge Program

Parent Bridge a 3 credit college course supports the social and emotional development, personally and professionally, for parents transitioning to college.  With leadership and instruction provided by Roger Williams University, the Parent Bridge is an 8 week course that supports parenting, first generation college goers.

Parent Leadership Team

Comprised of young and expecting parents from our partner sites the Parent Leadership Team (PLT) provides strategic guidance to the Dunamis Leadership. The PLT play a major role by providing assistance with designing activities to increase social capital and help guide the initiative.  PLT members receive a monthly stipend for their time and efforts.